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Cancellation Policy

The order can be canceled by the client minimally two hours before the delivery time. 

In case of cancellation, total value of the order will be refunded to the same bankcard used in purchase if the payment was done via bankcard. The order cannot be canceled if the remaining time for the delivery was less than two hours.

In case the customer insisted on canceling the order while the remaining time for the delivery is less than 2 hours, aswaaq reserve the right to charge the customer AED 30 to be paid cash or to be deducted from loyalty program “Wafa” customer’s account ,In case account insufficiency, then the cancellation fee will be covered as follows:

  1. Deducting the balance available in the Customer’s account; and
  2. The debit balance will show as an overdraft. 

In case of multiple order cancelation by the same client, aswaaq L.L.C is entitled to cancel the membership of the client on “aswaaq Online” website.


How to cancel your order?

Customers can send a cancellation request through email, by phone or online chat. Order number should be included in the request.


aswaaq customer service contact info: 

  1. Email:
  2. Online Chat:  (09:00 AM - 05:00 PM). you can find the link in the right bottom of each page in the website.
  3. Phone Number: 800279227 (08:00 AM - 08:00 PM) 

you can visit ( for more information.